Ward 1 incumbent Alanna Jankov re-offers for City Council in the November election

Charlottetown – After serving on City Council for the past four years, Ward 1 City Councillor Alanna Jankov is looking for another opportunity to serve the residents of downtown Charlottetown.

“It’s been a vibrant, busy summer in downtown Charlottetown. With this increased activity comes challenges and we must balance the needs of our businesses and residents alike,” says Jankov. “Much has happened over the past five years, and we must be thoughtful in planning for the future. We must remember that our base for success also lies in our heritage and vibrant arts and culture community, which we must continue to support.”

Going forward, Ms. Jankov identified housing, alternative sources of energy, a more pedestrian and bike-friendly city, the homelessness issue and improving governance in the City as issues facing the new Council.

“A lot of work has been done and we must continue our efforts,” says Jankov. “These issues all require close collaboration with both the Federal and Provincial Governments.”

Ms. Jankov is particularly proud of the new Charlottetown Library and Learning Centre located in Charlottetown’s downtown. “In my view, this is the biggest initiative we have seen in Charlottetown in a long time – it is a game changer – and residents of all ages and all walks of life will benefit in the years to come”
Jankov encourages constituents to continue to reach out to her directly to discuss concerns relating to City matters, and she welcomes the opportunity to hear from citizens during this upcoming election campaign.  Alanna lives in Charlottetown with her husband, Steven, and their three dogs.

I live, work, and play on Mi’gmagi, the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq people, original stewards of this land

Alanna Jankov
Pronouns: she/her

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